Tale of Munna–Most Photographed Male of Kanha National Park

Ith……. was seven o.clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee Hills….;
wrote Rudard Kipling , at; the begining of his classic tale, The Jungle book.Those hills, glowing first… Pink then gold in the setting sun and now deep in Kanha national park, where his inspiration…. The Sher Khan is here, the tiger being one Kanha s top predators, along with Bagheera the leopard…(Kanha s are spotted rather than black), Baloo the sloth bear and Tabaqui the jackal.Sadly, Akela… the wolf is becoming increasingly rare, but is replaced by the Dhole, or Indian wild.. dog..
Dearr….. Pep…. Jungle…. book…!! , Naiyh…!!! tiss is tale of Kanha… they…. all live in Indiyana s…. The kanha Tiger reserve… in the central Indiyaana High lands of Madhya Pradesh, recognised as the most beautiful reserve in the whole of India. At its core are two main river valleys, the Banjar and Halon, surrounded by foreststed mountains, ravines, meandering streams, Meadows and plateaux known as*dadar… From Bamni Dadar, the highest point in the reserve, the sunset over the jungle is stunning, earning Bamni the nickname sunset point, when the reserve was designated, the area’s villages, such as Ourai and sondar, where cleared of people and are now home to the wild life that gathers to drink from the communal pools and ponds once used by the villagers… ,,,, ,,
The shree variety and quantity of birdz and animals in the reserve ensure satisfaction for nature lovers.The Highlands forest of haldu and bijara trees are filled with the song of painted partridges and golden orioles, carefully observed by speedy Shaheen falcons flying overhead.The lowlands forests of sall trees and bamboo are interspersed with Meadows and populated by tigers, whose arrival is greeted by a cacophony of alarms calls from other animals, especially the cry of the peacock. The grasses are vital food for herbivores….. such as barasingha swamp deer-brought back from the brink of extinction in a conservation success story. The kanha barasinghas differ from their northern relatives by living on hard ground, rather than in swamps.They share the territory with blackbuk, chital and langurs.
munna tiger
Munna of kanha…!
yss… naa… dear.. folks… !…here, iee… wanna to share a… tale of…. Loveable…. Munna… the Sherakhan.. hm… you call him the ,king of kanha or the Apex predator-Munna is the oldest tiger of kanha national park and the living pride of the park… Renowned for its stripes on the forehead that represents the word*Cat and Pm (prime male) tiss furious T-17cat mostly strays and preys in… kisli zone of the park.Despite being quite old, around 14 years….
Munna is still a monarch in Kanha national park and fascinates visitors just the same.In his 15years of life.Munna has becomes a human. – friendly … tiger and is used of jeeps and humans in his territory.now, through this blog i will take you on a short journey.. of… his Highness….. Sherakhan… aahaan…. Munna..!
Once … Munna injured his hind foot in a territorial fight with another tiger and was limping… n that was the time when guides saw him, and his condition reminds them of one of theirs peepers, who was affected by polio, and thus, used to walk with a limp.. thats the movement when the name struck on… Don’t be surprised, if you guys… get a chance to see… Sherakhan… walk past the visitors… he is one of those tigers in Kanha… who is quite familiar with tourist, and thus,does no harm to them as soon as they are on their jeeps… and… what will surprise you the most is that he; will walk by your side calmly and freely just like a pet… hey…!
But that doesn’t mean that he is not a danger for you… Munna is one of a few tigers in kanha national park that entertains visitors the most.Unlike … others, he does not sense any danger while being around humans, and this is the reason you can even see him sitting right besides your jeep with no intention to harm you.
Moving forward to Munnas popularity back in his initial days of the ruling he was known as an astute preyer who would hunker down, wait patiently and then conquer his target not just this, he was also the accused on many human wildlife conflicts occasions in Kanha national park where many locals ended up losing their life as a result of attacs by Munna.back then, he was such a brawny tiger that sometimes he even killed other tigers and their cubs to eat them.Apary from being an apex predator, he was also recognized as a great. warrior who can fight with anyone with all his might for defending his t injured in a fight with other tigers… For him, these injuries were nothing in front of his bequest and so thus he kept on fighting. .. and killing…other. … tigers over. territories….. along with preying solely…. his. reigning and. .. defending… legacy made him the star entity of Kanha National park and defending legacy made him the. star entirely of kanha National park and he eventually. become one of the most photographed. male. Tiger in….. Indiyaana… !
so… tiss is the story of Munna and kanha……. !
to…. me, there is almost no greater adventure than waiting in an open jeep, in the pre-down gloom, for the Kanha National park gates to open and, and then driving in to the sal forest as the golden light of dawn illuminates the primeval scene. … the air is filled with the song of myriad brilliant birds as herds of graceful spotted dear and regal Barasingha graze in the rolling…. Meadows…!!

Manju dill se

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