Samosa Calypso!!!

Ow.. Lovely… Triangle..!
for mee.. you are the gorgeous, deep fried, twisted pack of spicy goodness that oozes with patato.. i luv you with my favourite ginger chai, the taste that has weaved the magica.. forever, o… yello.. Red.. bigg… hott samosa..; you have a pleasant smell that attracts myi eye…Ah….!!, crushing yor outer most part is my fev… oh…. Dearr… Dodo… samosa…!

Hiee.. pepy.. when…,…. i was studying at…… univercity, one of our favorite pas times would be to hang around a canteen that serves-and I stand by it-the samosa on the face of this gigling earth.But for me, the most fascinating aspect was watching workers at the canteen fill those one fluid movement, they would flip a Samosa patti in to an inverted cone, fill the pocket with stuffing, and flip the patti over to form a smooth bulging triangle… this time i wana to share a lore about beloved and whimci ” Samosa Ram ‘and tiss mouth watering samosas are from”Barwala”,–a lille and cozy town of uttrakhand nestled on the bank of river yamuna…

Dearrr… dodoz.. ; the Sambosaz…. origins actually lie thousands of miles away in the ancient empires that rose up in the Iranian plateau at the dawn of civilization itself. The gastronomic literature of 10th century Middle Eastern Cuisine, especially early medical Persian texts have many mentions of the Sanbosag, an etymological cousin of the Persian pyramidal pastry,Samsa…!
Other historical accounts also refer to”Sanbusak”Sanbusak”and even”Sanbusaz”as tinny mince-, filled triangles, eaten by traveling merchants around campfires and packed in saddlebags as a snake for long journey.Acording to these travelling merchants that the stuffed triangle travelled from Central Asia to north Africa, East Asia and south Asia…
In indiya ana.. Subcontinent.., ith..Was introduce by the Middle Eastern chefs who migrated for employment during the Delhi Sultanate rule, although some credit merchants for bringing the fare to this part of the world.. Later, having earned the blessings and love of the indian royalty, the Samosa… soon became a snacks fit for the king…

Ibn Batuta, the medieval Moroccon traveller who visited India in the 14th century, has chronicled the glittering Banquets at the court of Muhammad bin Tugalaq. according to his accounts, a dish called Sambusak-triangular pastry packed with mince, peas, pistachios, almonds and other tasty fillings-was placed on the guest’s plates right after the sherbet had been shipped.. Other courses followed… like wise, Sufi scholar, musician and famed poet Amir Khusrau wrote of the Samosa being enjoyed by the nobles in the Royal indiya ana courts in the year 1300.. He famously framed the Riddle: earlier still, a 9th century poem by Ishq ibn Ibrahim-al-Mausili also celebrates the Sanbusaj.. indeed, we have it on the authority of Abul Fazal, scholar-statesman extraordinary, outher of Ain-i-Akbari and one of the legendary nine gems of Akbar’s court, that the samosa was a dish relished by the Mughal Emperors..
Dearr… Folks..; The Britishers too.. fell in love with the Samosa on their arrival in Indiyaana and they, along with the indian diaspora, took the tasty tidbit with them to the far corners of their…. colonial… empire. The samosa settled in the hearts of people everywhere, leading to the evolution of the multiple regional versions.
Tiss… frird or… Baked… Triangle.. dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, meat, or lentils, it may take diffrent firms, including triangular cones, or half-moon shapes, depending on the region… the indina style, often accompanied by chutni, is probably the most widely-known of a broad family of r recipes from Africa to China, which have origins in Medieval times or earlier.. Samosa are a popular entree, appetizer, or snack in the local cuisines of the Indian subcontinent….

It.i.. is vary front regiom to region.. even shop to shop and there are a number of varieties in India itself, all of them served with chutneys… acording to samosa aficionados, a smosa is deemed perfect when crispy-crunch of the lightly golden casing contrasts beautifully with soft texture and spicy taste of the filling.The most popular and common filling is made of boiled potatoes, green peas, onions, green chillies, ginger and spices….
While the north indian version of samosa is large, the version called Singhara (, popular in West Bengal, odisha and jharkhand), is smaller and has trickier folds.Also, the potatoes are cut fine and at times mixed with peanuts, the occasional raisin or the odd cashew nut.TheHydrabadi….”Luqmi”on the other hand, is strictly meat-filled and far flakier than the regular samosa consumed elsewhere in Indiya ana.. dear… dodoz..!
In karnataka…, Onion samosa is big hit,as is keema Samosa, made popular by some of the local bakeries.InDelhi… apart from the potato… Samosa, the one with keema, khova, or even moong dal are quite popular.The Punjabi Samosa is dominated by potatoes and peas, with raisins and cashews added in to enhance the flavor, while in Gujarat, there patti samosa with a cabbage filling is quite popular….
guys… Do you.. Know.. naa.. that there is also the Samosa chaat, serves with spicy chickpeas, sev and chopped onions.. Another popular version is the mini cocktail Samosa-daintly little things that are the perfect finger food to tuck into before dinner.The adventours few have even forayed in to seafood, pizza and chowmein Samosa.. then there are ghode who like their Samosas sweet… Labong Latika,(a Bengali Sweet,,), is nothing but a mawa-packed Samosa for the calorie-conscious…
However… it is filled and.. Whenever it is prepared, the ubiquitous Samosa embodies the essence of Indiya anaa-adaptable, inventive, tolerant and haterogeneous… Today after.. Centuries of evolution and adaptation, it has become arguably the most popular, plebian snack available in India…And.. tiss.. Beloved.. Samosa is undoubtedly the alluring star in galaxi of indiya ana street food.. When you bite in to a gorgeous, golden samosa,… What you tastr is the history of india itself-a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and cooking traditions… Of… Lovely.. Indiya ana…
so… you guys.. are… goinn… naa… The chaat Gali… of yor.. City…!!👍☺

With luv
Manju dil se

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