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Mount of love- From Himachali “Raisalu”

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Dearrr… dodoz.. as you know .. Himachal the land of immense beauty and charm, Himachal is endowed with clear and serene lakes, lofty mountains, ancient temples…..cheerful people… and owing to the massive production of apples, Himachal pradesh is known as the state of apples.The state is known for its eco.friendly environment, picturesque natural scenery, colourful culture, adventure sports, warm and hospitable people and a variety of fairs, festivals and celebrations throughout the year…!

manju dil se - manju kala

Besides being blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, Himachal pradesh also offers a tasteful blend of culture and tradition.The word”Hima”actually means snow in Sanskrit. Hamachli cuisine gives you more than one reason to fall in love with it… The sourunding states of punjab and tibet have a deep influence.most of thier dishes are slow-cooked imparting a unique flavor and Aroma and a lot of their preparations are also fermented The cuisine is predominantly homely yet rich and intense.
Dearrrr… pepy… since… it is… hard to find a variety of fresh vegetables on the hilly terrain of Himachal pradesh, there are lod of non-vegitarian dishes and the use of lentils, rice and pulses is common. Interestingly, the best quality of Basmati rice comes from this reason–the foot of the Himalayas… The daily menu in every house hold is a simple fare of dishes made with fresh seasonal produce… in the lower area of Himachal, you will find more vegetables, fruits and … local leafy greens and as you move higher, meats and grains take over…. now… am.. presenting. .. the lore of….”Dham ” “From the… serene valley and beautiful hilltops..,of.. Himachal…!!! “Dham’.., a local term for lunch/traditional feast prepared in Himachali style and served during ceremonies, provides an opportunity to be familiarised with the delicacies of the state….. It is very hard to…. Separate Himachal Pradesh and”Dham” as it forms an integral part of Himachali tradition…. but also mark of practical”Vedic” knowledge and is, thus, not only popular in Himachal pradesh but also loved across the world. …. it is believed that…., initially…”Dham” was served in the Temples as”prasad, and hence, the entire meal is… satwik. … however, eventually,”Dham is now served during every suspicious occasion and gathering such as marriages, family events, and religious events in Himachal pradesh.Another unique aspect of Dham is that usually no vegetables are used in any of the dishes. It is purely made from various types of lentils and dairy products…

manju dil se - manju kala
food lore by manju dilse

It is… Believed that about 1,300 years ago, Jaistambha, the then-king of Himachal pradesh, liked the Kashmiri Wazwan…. so… much that he ordered his cooks to prepare a similar meal without using meat… Thus… a new menu was evolved in Himachali cuisine, eventually known as Dham. Initially… as.. Dham initially Dham was served only prasad in temples and hence only a particular Brahmin community of cooks called the Boti were allowed to prepared them… The another unique aspect of the Dham is that no vegetables are used in any of dishes. it is purely made from various types of lentils and dairy products… The vessles used to cook Dham are called”Charoti”which are pot shaped copper vessels with a narrow opening. The shape and thickness of the vessel help the Dham.. remain hot for a longer time. It is slow cooked on wood fire in”Rasialu”kitchen which is normally a 6×2 trench.manju dil se
Dearr…. Folks.. ! , the traditional Dham differs in every region of the state… however the kangri Dham is the most famous among all, which comprises of almost 1o to 11dishes… the typical menu for Dham starts with rice, moong dal and Rajma or chickpea, which is cooked in yogurt, prepared in unique style by adding approximately 20spices called as”Madrah”.. this is the main dish of the Dham and the entire gravy is made by cooking Khoya and yogurt in desi ghee until it reduses to the consistency of a thick gravy.
This is followed by a dish cooked by mixing there types of dals–moong,urad and masoor, and is called the”Mash’dal… It is.. said that this combination of complimentary nutritional elements was consumed by Aryans and it can be found in the 1,5oo year old Aryan literature.The dal is made by smoked cooking method where mustard oil is put over a piece of burning coal and put in the Dal… it is then coverd for some time to get the smoky flavour.. this technique has been adopted from the Adivasis, who used to cook in small pits filled with smoke.Himachlis call it the”Dhuni”Technique… dishes in a Kangri Dham are devoid of artificial colours and are a perfect blend of oil and spices that are essential for human body…. Technique and order of serving dishes are based on vedic traditions. .. The dham ends with”Mitha-Bhaat”, sweet rice or…”Mithdee”(made of boondi or bread crumbs etc) as it helps to digest the food..! manju dil se - manju kala
The traditional Dham is served on plates made of dried leaves of”Sal”and banyan trees, weaved together with thin pleats of Bamboo wood, called”Pattals… The traditional way of having dham is by sitting together on the floor in a line… This was used to imbibe the feeling of equality among all the communities in earlier times… However, these days, buffets are prefered to savour tiss… style of traditional food..
The rigor of taste, the sizzle of spicec, and the vanity of cooking with mounts of luv is the heart of Mandyali Dham. It is a meal prepare to grace the occasion and the auspicious ness of weddings. Sage.. Sushrut in” sushtra Sanhita”explained the proper sequences of having meals and mentioned the inclusion of all six rasas in the diet. He explained that one should start the food with a sweet, followed by sour and salty food, and in the end bitter and astringent food should be consumed for a sound body and mind.This sequence can be seen in the Mandyaili Dham wherin, one finds that it follows the defination of a proper diet described in Ayurveda..manju dilse
Chambyali… Dham… of Chamba… is one of my favourite dham acroos Himachal pradesh.Chambyali dham can be said to be the birth place of Dham with regards to the history… The dishes are dominated by madra and Rajma and kala chana is a must.The Madra dishes are oozing with ghee and are to be eaten with rice.Chamba kadhi is another dish of Chamba dham with”Gucchi”(local mushroom) pulao.Khatta… is also served with available vegetables and the Dham is topped off with a sweet dish… it can be Halwa mixed with poppy seed…,!!
So…. dearr… pepy.. tissss… is the…. breezez from”, land of abode”, and Himachali Dham is not just a feast but a conglomerations of distinct flavours presented in one complete form… the bounty of Himachali cuisine is attracting tourists from domestic and international levels… the traditional preparation is untouched by the out side influence… and i am putting my down with this… Beautiful.. kangri song…

“छुपी जांदा चंद्रमा
छुपी जांदा तारे हो
ओ धिये.. भला नहीं.. जो छिपदे दिला दे प्यारे हो..
छुपी जादा चंद्रमा…! ”

Manju dil se

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