humming bird

Humming Bird 

If… I’ll…..Be…..A… song.. bird

“O humming bird
tiny aviary !
in those fluttering wings
for you to stop is just abourd
such impossible thing
you lucky bird of paradise
like a blink of gods hazel eyes-
you lucky bird
you lucky bird
no bird could be so very wise
O humming bird–
gliding flower to flower,
are you our god’s silent word” ()


As… we all have that one persona in… arr.. lifez rainbow.. who looks charming… ,..Behave… like an angle.., no matter when you see them.. dear… dow deaders!
Humming bird is pretty much that person for you… isn’t it… is… naa..!!!
soon after the harsh winter.. now it is time to spring_simply means joy all over… trees and flowers blooming to thier full glory and to add you further one could witness the fluttering humming birds singing and tweling….. in…. north America.. this tiny song birds.. filling humans heart  with joy and lifting them to heaven’s.. this beautiful lille bird darts lightly through the world.. spreading its message of joy and beauty, and learning us to appreciate the wonder and magic of everyday existence-learn.. to laugh and be happy..

Dearrr… folks… in many traditions, humming bird feathers are treasured for their almost magical is said that humming bird as no other medicine can do, and their presences brings joy to the observer… the old and wiser, mayans say that the gods created all things on earth and in doing so, every animal, every tree and every stone was commissioned work.. but when they had finished, they noticed that there was no one in charge to take their wishes and thoughts from one place to another…. as they had no mud or corn for another animal, they took a stone carved jade and with it a small arrow.when.. it was ready, and they blew on it and the little arrow flew.He was no more simple arrow, now had life, the gods had created the xts’unu’um(humming bird)
The maya names for birdz, generally relate to the sounds they make, their songs or sound are produced by feathers, for example xts’unu um for xts’unu  for humming birds.
Guys…. it was… sooo… fragile and so…. light that the hummingbird could approach ….,
the most delicate flowers shining in the sun like raindrops, reflecting all colours…. then the men tried to catch this beautiful bird to use its feathers to adorn.the… gods saw him, became angry and said: “if some one dares to catch a humming bird, it will die.”that’s… Why… no one has ever seen a humming bird…. in a cage, or in the hand of a man.
In this way it is that this mysterious and… delicate… lovely… humming bird has been able to carry out the task of the gods:

humming bird

“Humming bird leads from here to there the thoughts of men”
if someone intends good to you the humming bird take that desire all the way to you.. if a humming bird flies around your head, do not touch it. .. he will take your desire and take it to the other; think about what you want: all positive things.for some reason the humming bird came your way; you can trust that something extraordinary… can happen.. from now on, the humming bird will take .. all your wishes and thoughts from one place to another….

In the book of chilam Balam of chumayel” it is called the hummingbird as a referral from a Nahuatl name, pizlimtec, which comes from piltzintecuhtil, sun yon young (name also xochipilli, Aztect goddess of music, song, flowers, and plants hallucinogenics), and presented himself as the father of the sun of taday’s universe, it generates when it had to restructure the earth after a cosmic cataclysm…tiss… coincides with the
Popol vuh, where the sun of today appears after the creation of men corn (De la garza)
Dearrr… peeps…!
Hummingbird are part of the order apodiformes and the family Trochilidae they are tiny little bird that are typically three to five inches in length; some species (and there are hundred of species) are no larger than a bumblebee.

They are named for the sound their wings make, which sound their wings make,  sounds like a hum.. this is caused by how fast they beat their wings, which can be anywhere from..12to80 beats per second, allowing them to hover similarly to a dragonfly.They are also the only family of birds that can fly in reverse, and they are able to fly at speeds of 34mph or faster.
These fascinating… little birds have the ability to go in to a hibernation-like state, called torpor, which allows them to conserve their energy in times of food scarcity or while they are sleeping.  They drink nectar, and are able to determine the amount of sugar in the nectar, similar to bees. They have quite a sweet tooth, and will not drink any nectar that is less than 1o percent sugar.however, nectar doesn’t provide all the nutrients the hummingbird needs.
Tiss… Charming and.. sweet.. Hummingbird are only… found in North, Central and south America.All the myths and folklore surrounding them come from ancient civilizations found in these areas including the Mayans and Aztecs among others.
The Mayans believed that the very first wedding ever performed on earth was..Between… tow hummingbirds.  The Taino people.were indigenous to the areas that we currently knows as Columbia, the Bahamas, and the greater Antilles and lesser Antilles and were relatives of the Arawak people located in South Amiraca.
Dearr.. Readers..!!
The… Taino saw the hummming birds as a symbol of rebirth.., in fact, the hummingbird was the symbol for the one who spread life across the world.The.. Taino myth of the hummingbird.. states there were at one time flies that had been transformed by Agyey baba, the sun God.They.. were a symbol of peace and protuction… Interestingly… However…, the Taino warriors were called calibri Warriors or… Hummingbird… Warriors….
Like the people of America, pagans also believe hummingbird have meaning and magical attributes.. coz.., it is an.. air element, it has many similarities with the ,dragonfly and the butterfly. It is associated with rebirth, dreams and Messages.The hummingbird feather.. has been used in spells for love.The bird itself can be invoked for performing… magic… related to happiness, truth, balance and relaxation.
As a… totem, and because of its ability to fly backward, the hummming bird urges us to be… persistent in life, and to never give up.The hummingbird also reminds us that balance is the key; we must find harmony.. in our lives in order to be truly happy…

ieee…. wanna… tuh…Say…
iff….. I’ll…. be…. a… Hummingbird…. Bird…….

Manju dil se.


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