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Mount of love- From Himachali “Raisalu”

Dearrr... dodoz.. as you know .. Himachal the land of immense beauty and charm, Himachal is endowed with clear and ...
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manju kala

रौलां गैरा और मैं

आ..!!आ!!मेरे बचपन.. आ...!लौट.. के फिर से ..आ!! इक्कीसवीं सदी का मध्यकाल.. हैरान... परेशान.... दौड़ती दुनिया... ..,थककर बैठी हूँ.... नदी के ...
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Samosa Calypso!!!

Ow.. Lovely... Triangle..! for mee.. you are the gorgeous, deep fried, twisted pack of spicy goodness that oozes with patato ...
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rose serbet

मेरा… गुलाब शरबत… और..नूरजहां…

एक समय की बात है... दिल्ली की एक...सिंदूरी... सांझ थी.. बादशाह जहांगीर सम्राज्ञी .. नूरजहां के साथ अपने गुलाबों के ...
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Tale of Munna–Most Photographed Male of Kanha National Park

Ith....... was seven o.clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee Hills....; wrote Rudard Kipling , at; the begining ...
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Mandovi River, Goa – Far from the madding crowd

Far from the madding crowd... A Flouting Gambler.. Of Mandovi.. River..Hello... Bonjour you.. dear peppy.. as summer inches hotter, everyone's ...
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